In May 2022, Paul, Chris and their two colleagues travelled to see S.V. Fair Weather near Alicante in Spain, with the aim of confirming the identity of the vessel for sale.

They were all keen to see her on the water under sail, so they went out with the previous owner and his family to see what condition the boat was in.

After the team were satisfied, they discussed their plan of reigniting lost maritime traditions in the Cayman Islands with the previous owner, to which he and his family were overjoyed.

The team learned of how S.V. Fair Weather played a big role in their family’s life, as the family were the crew and spent many summers sailing together.

As the children got older and were starting their own families, the vessel would no longer have a crew to take it out, thus resulting in the family wanting to sell her.

A few months later, Paul and Chris managed to successfully purchase the vessel, which was part 1 of successfully securing an active nation symbol for the people of the Cayman Islands.