After the successful purchase of S.V. Fair Weather, Paul and Chris were on to the next challenge, transporting a 34 tonne wooden vessel from La Manga, Spain to Gloucester, United Kingdom on a specialised trailer.

Much could have went wrong if the weather was not on their side. On the evening of January 17th 2022, S.V. Fair Weather left La Manga bound for T. Nielsen & Co. in Gloucester.

Every precaution was taken to assure that this historical vessel arrived without a hiccup. Thankfully, the operation went smoothly thanks to the expert navigation skills of Bugler Transport, which was no easy feat in the slightest.

Arriving at T. Nielsen & Co. headquarters, S.V. Fair Weather was now in the safe hands of the best shipwrights the world has to offer. The incredibly talented shipwrights have completed restoration work on vessels such as HMS Victory, RRS Discovery and HMS Trincomalee.

Chris visited S.V. Fair Weather at T. Nielsen & Co. with his family and met with then minister of Youth, Sports, Culture & Heritage Bernie Bush.

While at T. Nielsen & Co., Paul saw the incredible work being undertaken by young and old shipwrights on various vessels in the yard. This visit sparked an expansion of ideas for opportunities that the Fair Weather Foundation would offer to young Caymanians.

The idea for the Apprenticeship Program was born.