Caymanian Apprentices

In November, 2023 the Fair Weather Foundation announced a once in a lifetime opportunity for young Caymanians.

Groups of aspiring Shipbuilders will have the opportunity to travel to Gloucester in the United Kingdom to work as an apprentice in T. Nielsen & Company’s yard, working directly on the restoration of S.V. Fair Weather.

Once, the Cayman Islands had been recognised across the globe as being home to the finest shipbuilders the world had to offer. The skillset died off as big industry took the majority of the workforce to work on their ships, which sailed around the globe.

Fair Weather Foundation has partnered with Inspire Cayman Training to select and administer this fully funded and supported, career-making opportunity.

Upon successful completion of the program, apprentices will have the opportunity to apply as staff in Fair Weather Foundation, assuring that S.V. Fair Weather has constant maintenance at home in the Cayman Islands.

An anonymous donor has pledged their support to this program and without them, this opportunity would not be possible.

The first selection of successful candidates has been made and recently met with Norma Connolly of Cayman Media for her article on this exciting program.

If you or someone you know is interested in this opportunity, please reach out to or

Caymanian Apprentices
Caymanian Apprentices